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David Louis Sergott

Oct. 6, 1952 – March 16, 2014

David Louis Sergott's story came to an abrupt end at 4 PM on Sunday, March 16th. Like the mystery novels that he loved so much, it was over too soon. Dave was only 61 years old. Dave's tale began on Oct. 6, 1952. He was the first child to Louis and Genevieve Sergott, and a big brother to 7; Kevin, Janet, Laura, Gregg, Carolyn, Monica, and Danny. Dave was a beloved son and a responsible brother. When his dad was overseas as a marine, Dave was the man of the house. He took on odd jobs, and had a paper route at 9. He saved up for a baseball mitt, a prized possession. Dave had many interests and hobbies. He became an Eagle Scout at 14. He also loved spending time with his Grandpa Bernard and Grandma Regina, especially working in their garden. Reading was probably one of Dave's favorite things to do. He would climb up into trees and read for hours. Dave was also a strong student and an excellent athlete. Baseball and football were his favorites. In high school, Dave continued to do well in academics and athletics. He favored history, and went on to major in the subject while in school at Fullerton Junior College, where he was also on the football team. He met the love of his life, Suzanne, in June of 1975 at Big Daddies night club. He was wearing a green leisure suit and platform shoes. Dave knew she was the one and

proposed just six months later. They were married on March 12th, 1977. Dave and Suzanne had three children: Christina Cole, Johanna Rose, and Patrick John. He was fiercely proud of his children, and perhaps even more delighted of who they had become in adulthood. He adored his grandchildren: Avery and Will Sarman. He treasured the many pictures Avery made for him. Dave worked hard as a purchasing agent at Barclay's Bank, then at UC Irvine and UC Riverside. He was the general manager at Carson Manufacturing for many years, a job that brought the family to northern Nevada in 1983. Whatever Dave was doing, he did it with intensity. He was a passionate man. Dave enjoyed talking politics, coaching Little League and Pop Warner, and relaxing on the sofa with Nascar on the TV and popcorn or honey roasted peanuts on hand. Dave could often be found on the golf course, fishing at the broken dam, visiting the newest fast food restaurants in town, or playing catch with his son in front of their house on Hussman Avenue. One of the things he loved most was his beagle, Charlie, who worshipped him equally. A massive COPD flare put Dave in the hospital in June of 2013. He fought for his life on a ventilator for almost a week, and won. Dave miraculously recovered against all odds. His final months and moments were happy ones. He was surrounded with family and showered with love. Services will be held at St. Gall's Catholic Church on Saturday, March 29th at 10 AM. Dave will be laid to rest at the Garderville "Garden" Cemetery and his life will be celebrated at the home of Suzanne and Gary Anderson immediately following the services. All are welcome to attend.