No DUIs found at DUI checkpoint |

No DUIs found at DUI checkpoint

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A CHP officer contacts a motorist on Highway 395 in Walker on Friday night.

Of nearly 600 drivers contacted at a DUI checkpoint conducted Friday night by California Highway Patrol officers on Highway 395 in Walker none were found to be intoxicated.

CHP Lt. Ron Cohan said that between 5:50 and 10:45 p.m., 591 drivers were contacted.

Officers spoke with the drivers and stopped only a handful. Of those eight didn't have current drivers licenses

No vehicles were towed or impounded, Cohan said. Arrangements were made to have friends or family pick-up the eight unlicensed drivers. No arrests were made.

Drivers who had a driver's license and didn't require further evaluation were delayed at the checkpoint for between 90 seconds and 5 minutes, Cohan said.

"Our personnel spoke with a lot a drivers in just under five hours," he said. "Licensed drivers who had not been drinking experienced minimal delays. I was happy to see both the public cooperation and that no drivers were arrested for having made poor decisions related to vehicle operation coupled with alcohol or drug use."

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