New owners and new name for Woodfords Station |

New owners and new name for Woodfords Station

by Joyce Devore

Special to The R-CThe new owners of the Woodfords General Store are Clint, Jennifer and children Hunter and Calvin Celio.

Woodfords Station, the popular caf/general store on Pony Express Road, is now owned and operated by the Celio family of Alpine County and has a new name: CJs Woodfords Station.The store hours are the same, 7a.m.-5 p.m. daily. The store carries most everything you would find in a convenience store: basic grocery items and snacks; some fishing supplies; and newspapers. Fishing and hunting licenses are available, as are lottery scratcher tickets. Clint Celio explained that, “We expect to have the beer licenses approved within the month and have beer and wine for sale.”But can the new owners keep up the high standards set by the former owners, Dave and Lynda Kirby? The answer to that one is: They are definitely qualified to run our local store and they are trying their best. Clint was born and raised in Alpine County and for a dozen years he lived in the little green house next to Woodfords Station. He remembers when Dave and Lynda first moved into the store. Celio said, “I thought Kenny Rogers had bought the store since Dave resembled the singing star. I even worked for Dave a couple of months one summer.” Terry, who worked for Dave for many years, is still operating the deli. Big, fresh, deli sandwiches, fresh soups, and homemade desserts top the deli menu. Lynda’s chili, a longtime favorite, is offered regularly. Kris and Kaye make soups and specials. Alpine Clam Chowder has become popular. Since Jennifer and Clint’s office is upstairs, they have lunch at the deli most of the time. He stated, “We are pretty picky about our sandwiches, so the ingredients are always fresh and the servings plentiful.” They are working on expanding the menu, which is a challenge with a limited kitchen. The staff will always do what they can to accommodate special requests. Sandwiches can be ordered to go by calling (530) 694-2930.Just how do two busy professionals run a company, CG Celio & Sons, raise two children, and operate a seven –day-a-week store and deli? Clint explained, “The opportunity came up and we jumped on it. Basically, we just modified our priorities and added another business to the family.” Even though their professional work demands travel, the Celios love coming home to this area because, as Clint ventured “We love the outdoors, are engaged in the fire department, and do our best to be active in the community.”They have traveled all over the United States with their business, and part of the fun was finding small local establishments, “with character and characters,” laughed Celio. Even though the work demands travel, the Celios love coming home to this area because, as Clint ventured “We love the outdoors, are engaged in the fire department, and do our best to be active in the community.” They were also renting office space in Minden, and CJs Woodfords Station has office space above the store. To accommodate the store hours, the employees and the family work part-time schedules. Celio notes, “There are always challenges that pop up, but we just have to accept that we are doing the best that we can. Some things might slip through the cracks, but it is important to keep things in perspective. What may seem like a big deal at the moment will be small potatoes in the long run. When we look back on how far along we’ve come, I feel proud of our accomplishments.”The family will be making some upgrades to the building and store over the next year or so. Clint added, “We understand that many folks rely on CJs Woodfords Station for lottery and convenience items, so we’ll do our best to make sure the impact on customers is as minimal as possible. And the locals love having the Celios at the store. Clint recognized that local support has been wonderful, and he enjoys reconnecting with people that he hasn’t seen in years. There is a good mix of locals and out-of-town people, all complimenting the new store and its vibrant new owners.

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