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Minden looks for solutions to speeders

by Sheila Gardner

Thwarted in an initial attempt to install stop signs on Wildrose Drive, neighbors on the busy Minden residential street say they'll welcome radar signs recording motorists' speeds.

Residents of Wildrose learned at the town board meeting March 5 that their street didn't meet the warrants for additional stop signs to solve speeding problems.

They first brought their concerns to the town board in February.

"Our review doesn't say there isn't a problem," said town engineer Bruce Scott. "We're saying stop signs are not the way to control it."

Town Manager Jenifer Davidson said she contacted her counterpart in Gardnerville, Tom Dallaire, who advised her that his research indicated motorists speeded up between signs, nullifying the purpose of the traffic controls.

A traffic count Feb. 7-14 on Wildrose Drive indicated 95 percent traveled at less than 29 mph and 85 percent traveled at 25 mph or less.

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The study concluded that based on the traffic count and speed information, there appeared to be no justification for installation of stop signs at any of the multiple intersections along Wildrose Drive.

The posted speed limit is 25 mph.

The town is free to request any traffic control device, but the official decision must be enacted by resolution of county commissioners.

Town counsel Ryan Russell said he believed radar signs could be installed without a resolution from commissioners.

"I don't want to see us drop it, or jump into something too quickly," said board member Roxanne Stangle. "If we do it right, we won't have a problem. In the future, we'll know how to solve it."

Ed Blake, who lives on the corner of Wildrose Drive and Second Street, said he believed a county traffic count was conducted on the wrong stretch of Wildrose.

"My observation is they missed 95 percent of (the traffic) Wildrose. The main issue is from Second Street to Spruce," said Blake, who has lived at the corner for 27 years.

Craig Chambers, who lives on Wildrose, concurred.

"I want to reiterate the study was not done in the correct spot," he said. "I'd like to see it done between Second Street and Deseret, and through to Gardnerville. When the traffic hits Second Street, 90 percent of it turns right to county road."

Sheila Kendrick urged the board to install the radar signs, and ask commissioners for a resolution to put in more stop signs.

"We've go nothing to lose," she said.

Other residents asked the board to address speeding throughout the town.

Board member John Stephans suggested Minden work with Gardnerville in addressing speeding throughout the two communities.

The board voted unanimously to direct staff to install a minimum of two radar devices, and to ask the county for traffic count strips for more data.

Chairman Matt Bernard apologized for the slow pace.

"Sometimes it's hard to watch government work so slowly, but we're not stopping the process."

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