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Woman sentenced to year in jail

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Douglas County Sheriff's Office

A 45-year-old Gardnerville woman was sentenced Monday to one year in Douglas County Jail after she told the judge she was incapable of completing a drug or alcohol diversion program.District Judge Michael Gibbons sentenced Shannon Sunderland to three years in Nevada state prison, suspended, and placed her on two years probation.“It’s a fairly unusual request,” said Sunderland’s attorney, Tod Young. “She doesn’t think she can do drug court. She has no place to go. Her family still doesn’t still don’t want her at home. If she were released today, she would have nothing.”Young said Sunderland lacked the family support for drug court, or any means of transportation to Carson City for court-ordered counseling.Sunderland was arrested Oct. 27 after a family member reported domestic battery. She also was charged with possession of methamphetamine.In an agreement with the district attorney’s office, Sunderland pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance, and the domestic battery charge was dropped.The victim, Sunderland’s daughter, was allowed to make a statement at her mother’s sentencing on Monday.The 24-year-old told Gibbons that Sunderland’s family no longer welcomed her at their home.“She’s been in an out of jail my entire life,” she said. “She’s dragged my entire family through hell. She’s on a downward spiral, it gets worse and worse.”She said Sunderland brought methamphetamine into the home which she shared family members including herself and her infant daughter, and Sunderland’s mother. She said Sunderland drinks a liter of vodka a day.“She’s very intelligent and very manipulative,” the young woman said. “She’s been through every program there is. My grandmother’s had enough.”Sunderland told Gibbons she has a problem with alcohol.“This is my first drug offense,” she said. “My problem is drinking. I want to make amends with my family. I know it’s going to take time. I want a whole new life.”Terms of probation include a year in Douglas County Jail with 73 days credit time served. She must abstain from drugs, alcohol and other intoxicants, and is subject to random search and seizure.She must complete substance abuse treatment followed by outpatient care and a transition living program. Sunderland must complete 50 hours of community service.

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