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Waterfowl season closes Thursday, Friday

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Waterfowl hunting season will take a break on Thursday and Friday, so that the season will end on a weekend, according to the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

The waterfowl season will reopen on Saturday. Waterfowl season includes ducks, geese, mergansers and scaup, and once it reopens will continue until Jan. 27.

“The season is limited to 107 days and to meet hunter requests to have the season end on a weekend we are closing the season for two days,” said Russell Woolstenhulme, migratory game bird biologist for NDOW. “This method allows the department to give sportsmen the opportunities they prefer and also comply with the limit on days in the season.”

Hunters are encouraged to resume or begin waterfowl hunting when the season reopens Saturday. The 2012 Season Harvest Averages to date for all three Hunt Zones for State managed waterfowl areas is four birds per hunter per day. On Oct. 19 the Lahontan Valley Waterfowl Survey resulted in a count of 105,000 ducks, geese and swans in that area alone.

A Nevada State Duck Stamp ($10) is required for any person 12-64 years old who hunts migratory game birds, except mourning or white-winged dove, snipe, coots or moorhen. A Federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting Stamp ($16 at NDOW) is required for any person age 16 or older who hunts any migratory waterfowl. For more information, or to purchase a stamp or hunting license, visit http://www.ndow.org.

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