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Washoe Tribe responds to motocross track protest

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A reaction to a proposal to establish a motocross track behind the Topsy Walmart prompted the Washoe Tribe to issue a statement saying they considered themselve stewards of the property, but that they would do what was necessary to become economically self sufficient, and reiterating their independence.

Since news broke that the tribe had approved a resolution allowing a motocross track off Vista Grande and Topsy, Jacks Valley residents have sent letters and emails protesting the decision.

Nevada Motocross operator Steve Brown confirmed in February that he was in negotiations with the tribe to build a motocross track on the tribe's lower Clear Creek property.

Jacks Valley residents Larry and Pamela French organized a meeting at their home on Feb. 19 to discuss the proposal.

Other residents have also written the tribe asking that they not allow the track in that spot.

Brown said negotiations are underway with the tribe to establish a track on land above Clear Creek in northern Douglas County.

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"The Tribe reviews and considers each and every business proposal in a prudent and professional manner with the best interests of the Washoe people at the forefront," according to the statement. "The review includes a thorough examination of the business proposal by our legal counsel, environmental and archeological assessments of the identified parcels, and consideration of the business integrity, economic viability, and suitability of all proposed economic ventures."

According to the statement, the tribe said they will make every effort to avoid damage to environmentally and archaeologically sensitive lands in approving the business proposals.

"The Washoe Tribe have long considered themselves the stewards of our land and will continue to maintain that position, never to compromise or sacrifice our environmental and archaeologically sensitive lands," according to the statement.

However, the tribe reminded residents that it is sovereign nation.

"As a sovereign nation the Washoe Tribe also declares our right to economic development and independence, without interference from external influences," the statement said. "We also realize that some business proposals simply will not be in the best interests of the Washoe Tribe and will be reviewed and considered accordingly."

The tribe's goal is to achieve financial independence.

"Lastly, the Washoe Tribe's long-term goal is to realize the dream of financial independence and economic self-sufficiency and shall strive to create employment opportunities for our Tribal membership. In doing so, the Tribe will attempt to maintain a solid working relationship with the local communities and local governments for the benefit and harmony of all citizens."

Comments on the track or other economic proposals may be emailed to comments@washoetribe.us.

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