Voters took Gamble and won |

Voters took Gamble and won

It’s been 26 years since Douglas County took a chance and elected one of the youngest judges in Nevada at the time.

In retrospect, it was an investment that paid off well but at the time voters weren’t so certain.

They’d given incumbent Lester Berkson the lead in the primary by 101 votes. But when the general came around Gamble won by 307, in what The Record-Courier called an upset.

To hear Gamble tell it, it’s more like nine votes, but he’s a Nevadan, from a family of Nevadans, so a little exaggeration should be expected.

In that spirit, we’re reporting that 400 people turned out for Gamble’s retirement dinner on Friday, more than enough to put him over the top in this election.

Colleagues, family members and friends gathered to share stories about Gamble, both on the bench and out in the world.

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Looking back on the career of the man who turned out to be Nevada’s longest-serving judge, we can say with certainty that Douglas County is a lot better off for his time in office.

His achievements include being one of the founders of Douglas County Court Appointed Special Advocates. When he founded City of Refuge, he made the point that it was an alternative for those young women who might consider abortion.

His advocacy of China Spring Youth Camp, which was instramental in establishing a juvenile detention facility to keep Douglas County offenders in the county, is an example of how Gamble’s tenure contributed to the quality of life for children in our county.

On Tuesday, the Nevada Supreme Court winnowed down the number of candidates for Gamble’s seat. The governor will end up picking the new judge. We just hope whoever gets the job has some pretty big feet, because they have some large shoes to fill.

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