Virginia Canal crossing under way |

Virginia Canal crossing under way

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Herback General Engineering works on a box culvert in the Virginia Canal to finish a crossing for Muller Parkway last year. That was the last section of Muller Lane Parkway to be completed.

Workers are racing irrigation season to finish a box culvert in the Virginia Canal that will finish the southernmost portion of Muller Parkway.

Minden firm Herback General Engineering has until March 14 to finish work in the canal. Once done, motorists will be able to travel from Pine Nut Road to the Gardnerville Walmart.

The culvert, street, sidewalk and bicycle lane are estimated to cost around $210,000, and should be finished and open to traffic by the end of April.

Muller Parkway was envisioned as a northern bypass around Minden and Gardnerville in the 1980s. Segments of the road have been completed, but because most of the right of way and construction is the result of developments along the northern town boundaries, much of it has yet to be completed.

According to the county, 3.7 miles of the parkway is yet to be constructed. The county share of completing the highway is $5.3 million. As of last year, no source for funding the highway has been identified.

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