Two boys lost in Yosemite river |

Two boys lost in Yosemite river

Staff Reports

A 10-year old boy was pronounced dead and a 6-year-old boy remains missing following an incident near the Vernal Fall Footbridge in Yosemite National Park on Wednesday.

A family group from Southern California were in the Merced River near the Vernal Fall Footbridge at about 3 p.m. They began their hike at the Happy Isles Trailhead and hiked about a mile, where they stopped at the footbridge. The group was in the river and the two boys were swept away by the current. Approximately 150 yards downriver, the 10-year-old was pulled from the river and CPR was initiated by a park visitor. Yosemite National Park Rangers continued resuscitation efforts, which were unsuccessful, and the boy was pronounced dead.

The park simultaneously initiated an intensive search for the 6-year-old boy in the Merced River between the Vernal Fall Footbridge and Happy Isles. Search efforts for the boy are continuing at this time.

The Mist Trail remains open during search and rescue operations. Portions of the trail may close throughout the day to accommodations search and rescue operations. The names of the victims will not be released.

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