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Turnout requires a draw

The election is a scant two weeks away and people are already voting, though in fewer numbers than Nevada’s first June primary.

For Douglas County, the results of the Republican primary usually will determine which local candidates will win the race in November.

That’s certainly true in the race for Assembly District 39 where three Republicans are in a do-or-die race to make it onto the general election ballot in November.

Only one of them will survive the primary to face the Independent American. Though we celebrate that people who are not part of the two major parties are running, the odds of David Schumann actually winning the race in November are slim, just based on voter registration.

Unlike four years ago, where there were four county commission races on the ballot, including a once-a-decade primary among Democrats, there is only one county commission primary. Of the three Republicans appearing on the ballot, two will go to the general election.

There are no local races for Democrats to vote on this primary. The only choices are who will run against Rep. Mark Amodei and their challenger to Sen. Dean Heller in November.

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Everyone gets a vote in the nonpartisan race for university regent and state school board. Since “Old Rick” Riendeau has withdrawn from the regents race, chances are the other two candidates will be on the ballot in November. Who will survive the four-way race for state school board will be the real nailbiter this election.

None of these races has the elan of the battle for the governor’s seat from 2010, or determining who would go up against Sen. Harry Reid. That means turnout will be lower than in the last election, at least. Here’s hoping Douglas County voters will do their duty, despite the draw..

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