Three arrested for heroin use |

Three arrested for heroin use

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Three Gardnerville men were released from custody Friday and advised by East Fork Judge Tom Perkins to address their heroin issues, or face a lot of jail time.

Brothers Matthew and Scott Price, both 25, and Heath Crawford-Penueta, 33, were arrested Tuesday evening when the vehicle Matthew Price was driving when he reportedly ran a red light at Highway 395 and Topsy Lane.

The suspects were detained in the Ross parking lot.

Deputies said the three displayed suspicious behavior, and gave officers permission to search the vehicle which was registered to Penueta.

A search of the suspects and the vehicle turned up several hypodermic needles, the bottom of an aluminum soda can with suspected heroin residue.

The three appeared Friday in East Fork Justice Court, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor possession, and were fined.

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Prosecutor Rick Casper asked for a 30-day suspended sentence for Matthew Price who has prior arrests.

Perkins placed him on probation for one year.

"If you guys are getting strung out on heroin, you're going to be spending a lot of time in jail," Perkins said. "You better do something about it."

■ A 33-year-old Ruhenstroth man was charged with two felonies and driving under the influence in connection with an incident Wednesday involving a .40-caliber handgun.

Travis Hartshorn is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse or neglect, and driving under the influence.

He appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Friday with attorney Ron Cauley.

According to reports, Hartshorn reportedly was in the Bodie Flats area with the intention of selling his .40-caliber handgun. His 4-year-old daughter was a passenger in his vehicle.

An argument arose during the transaction, and Hartshorn allegedly grabbed the gun, and sped away with his daughter.

A witness claimed that Hartshorn brandished the weapon.

When deputies stopped the suspect, they said the weapon was within reach of the 4-year-old who was not in a child restraint safety seat.

Hartshorn pleaded not guilty to the DUI, and Cauley asked for a preliminary hearing which was set for July 17,

"The accusation he assaulted somebody with a gun is wholly untrue, and Mr. Hartshorn looks forward to his day in court," Cauley said.

He said Hartshorn has custody of his daughter and admitted he had alcohol in his system.

"He took the gun with him to sell. There was an altercation that does not involve him. There was a beef. He took the gun and left. It was not as it appears on its face," Cauley said.

Perkins set bail at $3,500 cash or bond.

He placed Hartshorn under the supervision of the Department of Alternative Sentencing, and told him he cannot have alcohol or controlled substances, or firearms.

"If you get caught drinking or possessing firearms, your bail will be revoked," Perkins said.

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