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The RC Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

There’s a dusting of snow on the ground in Genoa, but if you intend to go into the mountains today, you’d better have snow tires or chains. Both Kingsbury and Spooner Summit require them, so does Highway 28 to Incline Village and Highway 395 through the Pine Nuts, and pretty much the length of Highway 208 through Smith Valley. There are no accidents reported by the NHP this morning, but the morning’s young.

Lake Tahoe schools, Whittell and Zephyr Cove, are on a one-hour delay this morning as a result of the storm, which dropped just an inch of new snow overnight. This wasn’t much of a snow producer, but it’s cold, so be careful out on the highways.

Today is Judge Dave Gamble’s last law & motion day. He’s got a couple of arraignments and a few arraignments, some estate cases and some guardianships and he’s done for the day. We haven’t received word from the governor that he’s picked a successor, but he has a couple of weeks before the court is open again.

That’s because it is exactly one week until Christmas and two weeks until New Year’s. The RC and most everywhere else will be closed on those days, so plan accordingly.

We may still see some snow today, with the high climbing a whopping 4 degrees to hit freezing. The wind should be calm as the storm starts to move off tonight. A winter weather advisory will stay with us through lunchtime today. Expect the most snow east of Carson City and along Alternate 95 in Lyon County.

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