The R-C Morning Report for July 24 |

The R-C Morning Report for July 24

Johnson Lane is closed at Clapham until 11 a.m. today. If you've got to get to the highway there are lots of ways around. I don't know for sure, but I bet this has something to do with the flooding on Sunday.

The Elks Summerfest Carnival continues today at 5 p.m. in Lampe Park. They'll start up 5 p.m. Friday and then 11 a.m. Saturday.

A question about the Ruhenstroth manhunt on Tuesday prompted me to check on James Virgil McDowell, who was the subject of a search in Genoa on June 25. All I can say is that he is in close custody at Northern Nevada Correctional Center. I've sent a note to see if we can learn how and when he was captured.

We apparently survived the red flag warning without any additional fires. The only report on the Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch was an illegal burn near Derby Dam by a homeless person that was extinguished.

There shouldn't be any pesky red flag warnings today, just blue skies and warm temperatures. Expect the high to get up to 88 today with a light breeze in the afternoon.

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