The R-C Morning Report for Aug. 29 |

The R-C Morning Report for Aug. 29

A canopy collapsed at the former Horizon in Stateline after a beam dropped unexpectedly this morning. Reports from the scene are that no one was hurt and there was very little damage to the equipment. Work on renovating the hotel is continuing.

If you've got business with the county, state or federal government, at the bank or even at The Record-Courier, you'd better conduct it today, because Monday's Labor Day, which means none of us will be working.

Today's the last day to toss your hat into the ring for the office of clerk-treasurer. You've got to apply online, because the county doesn't take paper applications any more. Go to and click on job opportunities. You have until 4 p.m.

If you finish your application for clerk-treasurer by 3 p.m., go down and have a picon at the Overland in honor of Elvira Cenoz' retirement. There'll be food, too.

Expect partly sunny skies and a high temperature higher than 89 degrees. Expect the same on Saturday, with the chance of slightly cooler weather on Sunday.

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