The R-C Morning Report for Aug. 11 |

The R-C Morning Report for Aug. 11

I couldn't see any smoke or flames on Genoa Peak this morning, which means the fire either laid down for the night, or for good. A little wind this afternoon might fan it back into something. Helicopter 402, which was working the fire is down in Bridgeport on lightning fires there.

A Topaz Ranch Estates man facing charges of sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl is scheduled for arraignment in District Court today. It will be the ninth time Joseph B. Bonilla, 36, has appeared on the docket for arraignment, which means he may not actually be arraigned today, either.

The National Weather Service is forecasting we'll see some strong thunderstorms along the Sierra Front today, with strong winds, hail and lightning. We're on the southern tip of the forecast area.

Expect scattered showers and thunderstorms today after 11 a.m. Otherwise, we'll have partly sunny skies and a high near 87 degrees. The wind will pick up out of the south at 5 mph in the afternoon.

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