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The R-C Morning Report

by Kurt Hildebrand

A Los Angeles man who told a judge he couldn’t remember a March 9, 2009, break-in at a Metcalf Boulders job site faces sentencing after his DNA was found at the scene faces sentencing this morning on a count of theft. Yoni Sota Vanega, 26, admitted the theft to avoid a burglary charge and being charged as a habitual criminal. He faces a maximum of up to five years in prison, though under the agreement prosecutors are only seeking 12-30 months.

There are still a few places with chain controls, including over Highway 88 from Woodfords over Carson Pass and on 89 between Picket’s Junction and South Lake Tahoe.

The forecast for today is mostly sunny, though you wouldn’t know it to look outside. It will warm up a bit today with a high of 46, despite a north wind of 5-10 mph. Tonight, the low will drop to 18 degrees.

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