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The R-C Morning Report

A Gardnerville man faces up to five years in prison this morning after admitting he used his stepbrother’s identity when he was contacted by deputies. Jesse Verdugo, 28, said he and his stepbrother are of similar age and appearance. Verdugo is scheduled to appear in Douglas County District Court before Judge Michael Gibbons for sentencing today. Verdugo was convicted of shoplifting under his stepbrother’s name, and Gibbons said that could cause the victim, who is going to school in Florida, some trouble in the future.

With another week left to early voting, it’s pretty clear that more than half Douglas County’s electorate will turn out before Election Day. As of end of business on Saturday nearly 38 percent of the county’s active voters cast a ballot. The party faithful on both sides of the aisle are neck and neck with 40 percent of voters. Independents and minor party voters are showing up in fewer numbers. So far 10,775 residents have voted early or absentee.

Today will be another beautiful fall day with sunny skies and a high temperature of 73. We’ll see a light breeze out of the southwest this afternoon.