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Tenth of county’s voters have already cast ballot

by Kurt Hildebrand

Jim GrantEarly voters line up at the historic Douglas County Courthouse in Minden on Saturday.

More than a tenth of Douglas County’s registered voters have already cast a ballot.

So far 3,073 residents either turned in an absentee ballot or voted early on Saturday.

Clerk-Treasurer Ted Thran said Saturday that there was a line up and down the hall of the historic Douglas County courthouse on Saturday morning.

In all, 1,636 people turned out to vote on Saturday, with 1,033 in Minden and 603 at Topaz Ranch Estates and Stateline. Early voting continues Monday.

Turnout between Republicans and Democrats in Douglas has been pretty even, with more of the county’s Democrats voting early and a slightly larger percentage of Republicans turning in absentee ballots.

So far 6.3 percent of the county’s 7,306 active Democratic voters cast an early vote compared to 6 percent of its 15,314 Republican voters. On the absentee side, 5.5 percent of Republicans cast a ballot compared to 5.4 percent of Democrats.

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Turnout among independent and minor party voters was much lower in both categories.

Early voting will continue until Nov. 2, and will be open on Nevada Day, which is celebrated Oct. 26 this year.

The deadline to request an absentee ballot is Oct. 30. Absentee ballots must be received by the clerk by Election Day, Nov. 6, in order to be counted.

Douglas County continues to be the third highest voter count in the state, following only Clark and Washoe counties.

According to figures released by the Nevada Secretary of State on Friday, there were 33,868 total voters in the county.

Of those 17,257 were Republicans and 9,047 were Democrats. The largest minor party in the county continues to be the Independent Americans with 1,738 registered voters.

More than a sixth of the electorate, 5,383 voters are labeled inactive, which means that either the county received a returned mailing or some indication that the voter has moved.

Those voters are eligible to cast a ballot as long as they’ve met all other legal requirements.

If just the county’s active voters are counted, it drops behind Lyon County and into fourth place.

Staunchly Republican, a Democratic candidate for president hasn’t won Douglas County since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932.

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