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Swimming with sharks

With one of the highest tax rates on resident’s bills, the East Fork Swimming Pool District is bound to be a target for those who would like to see their rates go down.

The bond that constructed the pool was paid off in December 2006, two years early. At the time the tax rate for the pool was 6.1 cents per $100 assessed valuation.

However, pool district trustees raised the district’s rate to 16.45 cents per $100 assessed valuation, which is where it stayed until an agreement with the county resulted it in being lowered to 13 cents this year.

The higher tax rate meant the district was able to sock away $3.2 million during the interim and prompted untrue rumors that the district manager made more money than the county manager.

We understand the need for a facility like the Carson Valley Swim Center to have money in the bank for future improvements. When the district replastered the pools and expanded the swim center’s parking lot, they didn’t have to borrow a nickel.

However, there’s a balance between prudence and penury.

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We know that with the county topping the tax cap, reducing the district’s tax rate further wouldn’t affect anyone’s tax bill. Any reduction would be taken over by the county or another taxing entity.

But there is a real point to be made that we might be better off if the county or some other entity had access to that tax rate.

Voters will get the final say in November.

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