Store your firearms safely |

Store your firearms safely


There is something missing in the conversation about the shootings in Connecticut and that is the need for gun owners to secure their firearms. Changes to mental health care, gun control measures, armed guards in schools, arming our teachers, psychoactive drugs, and violent forms of entertainment are all getting media attention. What no one is talking about is how someone other than the gun owner had access to the firearms used in that shooting.

Considering that the shooter was a family member, gun owners who think their firearms are safely stowed inside their homes may need to reconsider. Considering that break-ins happen and firearms can be stolen, gun owners may need to reconsider. Trigger locks and gun safes are available and helpful, but these measures are most likely inadequate if the keys are hanging on the wall or if the gun safe has a glass door.

This would be an excellent topic for communities to explore. As a resident of Alpine County and a business owner in Douglas County, I hope to hear gun owners in all of our local communities talking about how to store firearms securely. Improving our individual security measures can only make our communities safer.

Suzanne Towse


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