Stateline gaming rebounds in May |

Stateline gaming rebounds in May

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The chief source of Douglas County's gaming revenue posted an 18.37 percent increase for the month of May.

Stateline casinos brought in $17.32 million in gaming revenue during the month of May, which helped bring their total to $198 million in the second to the last month of the fiscal year. That's 3.41 percent down from the same time in 2013, which is an improvement over the 5.13 percent the annual take was down the previous month. April was the first month that the former Horizon was closed, when the other Stateline casinos brought in only $9 million in revenues, down 42.27 percent from the same month in 2013.

The Stateline casinos brought in $14.6 million during May 2013, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board

The gaming revenue for the East Fork Township and Carson City, which are combined for reporting purposes, was down 2.71 percent when compared to the same month last year.

Casinos in the two jurisdictions brought in $8.6 million during the month, down from $8.8 million. So far this year, gaming revenues have been essentially flat, with this year .64 percent down from last year.

The state's main source of gaming revenue, the Las Vegas Strip, had a very good May, up 17.32 percent to $592.9 million. That represents more than half of the state's $970.2 million gaming win, which was up 8.11 percent.

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