Seniors compete for Mr. DHS title Friday night |

Seniors compete for Mr. DHS title Friday night

by Caryn Haller

Senior Zander Gahn, 17, wants to use his Mr. DHS experience to be an example of how to take advantage of every opportunity.

Zander and his 10 fellow contestants are raising money for the high school's annual safe and sober grad night celebration.

"Mr. DHS is an opportunity to show people it's extremely easy to be confident and show people how much self-esteem you have," Zander said. "Why not take advantage of every opportunity you're given. I'm going to have fun with it, and that's all that matters."

For his talent, Zander chose to perform a self-written song on acoustic guitar.

"It's going really well. I'm kind of stuck right now, but I've got plenty of time until Friday to figure it out," he said on Tuesday. "I'll tell the crowd to cheer for me either way so I don't feel bad about myself."

The Mr. DHS competition starts with a five-minute, super hero-themed dance number. The contestants then compete in the categories of talent, pick-up line and formal wear with on stage question.

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Jake Wartgow, 18, grew up watching his older brothers' friends compete in Mr. DHS, and decided to try it himself.

"It's been something I've grown up seeing, and I've really wanted to do," he said. "I'm hoping to win, but everyone is really good."

Jake decided to perform a Saturday Night Live skit for his talent.

"It's good," he said. "I wrote down some of my lines last night, and my parents think it's funny."

Dane Olsen, 18, said the opening dance routine is the most difficult part of the competition.

"It will be about smiling and trying to avoid looking like an idiot," he said. "Mr. DHS is a lot of fun, and for seniors who won't be here next year it seemed like a good thing to look back on."

He also said his talent of singing Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself," and the on stage question will be a breeze.

"The song is kind of quirky so it matches my personality," he said. "And I've improved most of my schoolwork as is, so the on-demand question will be easy to answer."

Mr. DHS is 6 p.m. Friday in the high school commons. Cost is $10.


What: Mr. DHS

When: 6 p.m. Friday

Where: Douglas High School commons

Cost: $10

Info: 782-5136


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