Sandoval not a real Republican |

Sandoval not a real Republican


It’s time we Republicans called out our RINO Governor Sandoval as a liar. Candidate Sandoval ran against tax increases, but Governor Sandoval raised business taxes in 2012, and is preparing to do the same in 2013.

Nevada’s recession-whipped businesses are already under assault from Obamacare, higher federal taxes, and Nevada’s latest unemployment assessment. New state taxes will push some business owners closer to failure.

In addition, Amazon’s Sandoval-negotiated sales tax kicks in next year, and he’s just approved Nevada drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants, giving them a special exemption from documentation required of U.S. citizens.

Sandoval and a handful of liberal Republican legislators are preparing, with Democrats, to kick Nevada’s free market when it’s down and hurting.

Overtaxed employers have a habit of laying off workers, cutting investment, and time-shifting income to lower their tax profile. Raising tax rates works great for triggering the avoidance mechanisms that kill jobs, but not for bringing more money into government coffers. When JFK wanted more tax revenue, he cut taxes. As he explained in 1962, a rising tide of prosperity lifts all boats.

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Sandoval’s false conservatism highlights the Republicans’ need to take action to protect its brand. Establishment Republicans err when they bend a knee to any elected official with an “R” next to their name. Sandoval was elected on the backs of Republican donors and campaign workers, support he obtained under false pretenses. Party elders and other elected Republicans can’t let their activists be treated like saps without the party paying a price.

Tax policy blocks out the sun for both Tea Party spending hawks and social conservatives. If Gov. Sandoval gets away with trashing their core principle, the party base will sit out elections and conservative voters will continue to trend to third party/independent registration.

There is speculation that Gov. Sandoval didn’t trouble himself to raise money or campaign for down ticket Republican candidates because he’d rather work with tax-hiking Democrats.

My personal wish was that Gov. Sandoval would have spent time talking to Nevada’s Latinos about how our party has many more elected Latino officials than the Democrats, that it really is the party of opportunity. I had hoped he would tell Latinos to resist the temptation to ghettoize themselves, to assimilate, learn English, reject the welfare mentality, and respect the need for secure borders.

Back in the real world, all we can do is let Sandoval and his liberal lieutenants know that we’re watching them and support the true conservative legislators who oppose their policies. The primaries aren’t that far off.

Lynn Muzzy


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