Road districts proposed to maintain local routes |

Road districts proposed to maintain local routes

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Masonic is an example of a local road at Topaz Lake that doesn't have a source of revenue.

A road task force recommended forming road districts to raise property taxes to pay for maintenance of local routes.

According to a report that will be presented to Douglas County commissioners on Thursday, the task force said those residents who live in areas outside a town, or improvement district, should pay for local road maintenance.

According to the task force report, $2.6 million a year will be required to maintain county local roads in their current condition.

"The county should further explore the feasibility of creating one or more local road maintenance districts in areas outside of existing town and GID boundaries where Douglas County maintains local road," the report said. "Residents and businesses affected by the creation of a local road maintenance district should be given ample opportunity to provide feedback on this solution."

Funding maintenance of collector roads could be done without increasing taxes through priority-based budgeting to achieve an additional $1 million needed to reach the goal.

Routine maintenance would still be done by the county road crew.

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County commissioners meet 1 p.m. Thursday at 1616 Eighth St., in Minden

The task force was formed in June 2013.

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