Republicans rally in Gardnerville |

Republicans rally in Gardnerville

by Caryn Haller

Mary Jane Harding/Special to The R-CCraig Romney visited the Corley Ranch on Wednesday afternoon.

During a Republican rally at Corley Ranch on Tuesday, Craig Romney didn’t talk about his father’s political plans, but about the qualities Mitt Romney will bring to the presidency.

“I love my dad dearly. He’s the man we need in the White House. He has tremendous experience in the public sector and working in a bipartisan manner,” Romney said. “It was clear in the debate who’s poised to lead.”

Romney, 31, related stories about how his father helped an employee find his runaway daughter in New York, and how he taught his five sons to love God and country.

“Those are his greatest achievements people don’t know about,” Romney said. “He has tremendous intelligence, integrity and character. My dad has been uniquely prepared to lead at this time.”

Tuesday marked the candidate’s youngest son’s fourth visit to Nevada.

“This is one of the critical states Obama won in 2008, and we need to win in 2012,” Romney said. “He’s (Romney) in this race for the 12 percent of Nevadans who are unemployed.”

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Romney thanked the crowd of an estimated 150 people for their support.

“I want to thank you for the hard work you’re doing and also for your prayers,” he said. “God does answer prayers and we’re grateful for that.”

Eighteen-year-old Hunter Watterson of Ruhenstroth registered to vote in his first election last week.

“I’m pretty excited to speak my own voice and have a voice in my country. I’d encourage everyone to get educated and know the reasons why they are voting for the candidate,” he said. “Romney’s plans seem a lot more thought out than Obama’s. He’s not trying to change what we’ve already tried. He’s going for a totally different plan which I think is cool.”

Wearing a blue T-shirt with the statement “Bring Back Common Sense,” Bob Taylor said Mitt Romney is a clear-cut choice for president.

“Obama is trying to socialize the country,” the Carson City resident said. “Romney wants to minimize government involvement.”

Gardnerville residents Charles and Marilyn Jackson agreed that more government control was not the answer to their problems.

“We need to get Obamacare out. My husband lost his insurance backing because of Obamacare, and my premiums have gone up three times this year,” Marilyn said. “For us retired and living on Social Security, Medicare is very important.”

Marilyn also expressed the importance of onshore drilling.

“Mitt Romney is for drilling in this country, opening the Keystone Pipeline,” she said. “Right now we’re sending money to Brazil so they can drill it and sell it back to us.”

Lon and Judy Fletcher of Gardnerville were impressed by Romney’s performance in the Oct. 3 debate.

“He needs to keep on hitting Obama with the important facts like he did in Kentucky and the debate. He sounded like Reagan,” Judy said. “America needs to become the way it used to be – the economy, immigration, foreign affairs – individual people making things work and not the government.”

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