Probationer arrested in Gardnerville bar |

Probationer arrested in Gardnerville bar

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A Minden man who was on probation was taken into custody on Friday night after deputies found him drinking in a bar after his curfew.

Robert Schwoerer, 22, was on probation on drug charges after his November 2012 guilty plea.

Deputies spotted Schwoerer drinking in a downtown Gardnerville bar at about 11:15 p.m., and asked him to step outside.

According to the sheriff's report, Schwoerer cooperated and came outside, but then turned and ran back into the bar. Deputies grabbed him and the struggle continued through the bar, where Schwoerer hit a wall on the opposite side.

Schwoerer told deputies his shoulder was injured in the altercation.

He was taken to Carson Valley Medical Center. He was examined and given a soft sling for his shoulder.

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He is being held on a probation violation. Schwoerer was ordered in 2012 to participate in Western Regional Drug Court. According to the sheriff's report he isn't supposed to use alcohol or be out past curfew.

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