No evidence that candy thief threatened store security |

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No evidence that candy thief threatened store security

A 31-year-old Florida transient who stole candy from Walmart was released from Douglas County jail after four days when authorities were unable to prove that he threatened a store security guard with a boxcutter.

John J. Snyder pleaded guilty Wednesday to misdemeanor theft and the state dismissed a charge of drawing a deadly weapon in a threatening manner.

“I stole some candy from the Walmart,” Snyder said.

Prosecutor Maria Pence said Snyder was seen eating the candy at the store on Oct. 14 and left without paying.

He said he took a boxcutter out of his belt and held it against his leg and proceeded away from the premises.

Pence said there was no use of the boxcutter that supported the second charge.

Snyder’s lawyer, Tod Young, said his client has blood sugar issues.

Young said Snyder parked his big rig tractor in the Walmart parking lot, and was on his way to California where he has family to be a truck driver.

East Fork Judge Tom Perkins sentenced Snyder to 30 days in jail which he suspended for one year and gave him credit for time served.