Nice fireworks, but… |

Nice fireworks, but…


The fireworks display on Nov. 28 at Heritage Park was a truly wonderful sight. Congratulations to those executing the pyrotechnics, and to the Town of Gardnerville whose Christmas kickoff it was, and apparently thanks should go to Starbucks, the sponsor of the fiery display.

I’ve been a fireworks fan all my life, but while standing there watching I couldn’t help wondering how much money was “going up in smoke.” I couldn’t help but wonder how many lives could have been enhanced if Starbucks would have taken that money, separated it into 10 piles, and given it to 10 individuals or families who were wondering where their rent money was coming from this month, who wished they had more food in the pantry or refrigerator to feed their children, or who were forgoing celebrating Christmas this year because of lack of funds.

What’s wrong with this picture?

M.J. Nystrom


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