Nevada Ron Paul supporters attempt nomination during roll call |

Nevada Ron Paul supporters attempt nomination during roll call

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Members of the Nevada delegation, which is dominated by Ron Paul supporters, were among those who attempted to enter Paul’s name for a nomination vote.

The delegation cast 17 votes for Ron Paul, five for Mitt Romney, and five abstentions instead of the 20 Romney won as a result of the Republican caucus.

Nevada Republican Party Vice Chairman James Smack congratulated Romney on his nomination and said that the state’s party leadership disavowed the action by some of the delegates.

“Chairman Michael McDonald and myself, along with a majority of the Executive Board of the Nevada Republican Party, disavow this action by certain members of the Nevada delegation, and will continue to work tirelessly toward victory this November for not only Mitt Romney but all of our Republican candidates in Nevada this fall,” he said in a statement on Tuesday night.

Gardnerville resident and Nevada Republican Party Secretary Jim DeGraffenreid added, “We are a party of rules. The behavior by certain members of the Nevada delegation, who chose to disregard the rules passed overwhelmingly by the Nevada Republican Party Central Committee nearly two years ago, is extremely unfortunate. The Nevada Republican Party wants to be very clear that these actions were the decisions of the delegation members, and were not sanctioned in any way by the Nevada Republican Party leadership.”


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