Muller bypass: 1 step forward, 2 steps back |

Muller bypass: 1 step forward, 2 steps back

by Kurt

Carson Valley’s would-be bypass around the towns of Minden and Gardnerville will take one step forward and two steps back, according to the Douglas County Transportation plan.Muller Parkway will see the addition of 750 feet of right of way to cross the Virginia Canal between the Pine Nut Road roundabout and the new Walmart. Sierra Nevada SW granted right of way across the canal and Peri Enterprises finished Muller up to the canal. If built, this improvement would divert some of the traffic going from the Gardnerville Ranchos to the new Walmart off Highway 395 and onto Muller Lane. Building the road and installing a box culvert is estimated to cost $200,000 and be built in the next two years.However, this spring will also see the loss of 2,800 feet of right of way north of Toler Lane with the expiration of the development agreement for the Ashland Park subdivisions.The agreement expired in January and county officials expect it to be repealed this spring, eliminating both the right of way and the two lanes of Muller Parkway H&S Construction was supposed to build as part of the project. The development was approved in 2006 and included dedication of a 4.7 acre parcel to Stodick Park.More than four miles of Muller Parkway remains either unfunded or waiting on developers to build. The largest missing swath of the road runs from where it ends in Minden to Toler Lane in Gardnerville, more than three miles.A traffic signal at Airport Road and Highway 395 is also among the projects added to Douglas County’s five-year transportation plan. Being on the plan is no guarantee the project will be built.The Airport Road traffic signal would be partially funded in the plan should the state approve moving forward.Also in the plan is a drainage study for the Topaz Lake road system, where runoff is damaging the roads.A $1.8 million extension of Vista Grande Boulevard from Topsy Lane to Jacks Valley Road is set for 2014. The project is funded by redevelopment money, but will require right of way from the U.S. Forest Service. Vista Grande would provide an alternative north south route to Highway 395.The five-year transportation plan is funded at $903,000 a year. Douglas County commissioners meeting as the Regional Transportation Commission will discuss recommending approval of the plan at a joint meeting with the Tahoe-Douglas Transportation District Board on March 21.Muller Parkway has been in the planning stage in Douglas County since the 1980s.

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