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Minden company supplying tools for disease analysis

by Scott Neuffer

A highly specialized start-up in Minden plans to have its “stain technology” in international markets by 2014, though their products have nothing to do with carpet cleaning.

In fact, the products have life-and-death ramifications. The stain technology of HCI Sciences, LLC, is used in lab testing to diagnose cancer cells and diseased tissues in a field known as anatomical pathology.

“It means that every time a tissue sample is taken from a patient at a laboratory, a process of analysis begins,” HCI Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Jerry Fredenburgh said in a press release. “HCI develops and markets advanced chemistry that allows doctors to effectively read and analyze these tissue samples. Each of our products is designed to empower clinicians with accurate data that is so important in the initiation of patient treatment.”

HCI President and CEO Peggy Lyon, who hails from healthcare sales management, said Fredenburgh’s innovations in the specific field have dominated the market.

“We are looking at truly ground-breaking technology,” she said by phone last week. “The product is safer, easier to read, and environmentally friendly.”

The two officers decided on a 5,000-square-foot suite in the Meridian Business Park for a variety of reasons.

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Lyon actually purchased a home in Carson Valley more than two years ago, planning to retire with her family.

“Minden is a pretty special place,” she said. “But then there’s the business-friendliness. The Northern Nevada Development Authority was instrumental in helping us get established. It’s very much contrary to the state of California, where, unfortunately, the regulations are tough to get around.”

The Minden facility will serve as the company’s headquarters, research and development lab, and manufacturing base.

“We’re fully integrated – packaging and sales,” Lyon said.

She said HCI contracts with distributors, healthcare providers and laboratories.

“We plan to be international by 2014,” she said. “Our market is a very small community.”

HCI currently has four employees. Lyon said they hired a local resident for a bookkeeping position and plan to hire an additional three or four workers by February.

“We’re happy. The build-out went well,” she said. “The way things are looking right now, we’re going to be very busy.”

NNDA Business Development Director Danny Campos worked with HCI Sciences to find a location.

“HCI Sciences is right in line with the governor’s health and medical services industry sector,” he said in a press release. “Additionally, this healthcare sector is also targeted by Douglas County and will be a catalyst for similar companies to follow.”

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