Man who held guns in Wildrose burglaries sentenced to four years |

Man who held guns in Wildrose burglaries sentenced to four years

Saying he was not among the burglars who entered homes on Wildrose to steal, Ryan Hiltz was sentenced Tuesday to 18-48 months in Nevada prison after admitting to possession of stolen property.

Hiltz apologized to the victims in the burglary.

“I know this was a great loss of your property and the security in your home,” he said. “I want you to know that I was never in your home. I did possess some of your property.”

The burglaries occurred Aug. 19 and 23 on Wildrose Drive in Minden and netted an estimated $40,000 in property.

Gardnerville resident Ryan Hiltz was arrested a week later after detectives received a tip that Justin Turek, 30, was talking about the burglaries.

Detectives connected Turek with Hiltz, and when they went to question him he told them that Turek asked him to store firearms at his home.

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Hiltz told detectives he agreed to keep the two firearms and that at a later date he was asked to help pawn jewelry.

Defense attorney Kris Brown told Gamble on Tuesday that Hiltz was paid $20 for his help pawning the jewelry.

She said that once Hiltz was contacted by detectives he cooperated with them, including testifying against Turek.

Prosecutor Tom Gregory pointed out that Hiltz made bail on Oct. 2, and was arrested Oct. 10 for violating his bail conditions by using methamphetamine.

“Mr. Hiltz, there isn’t anyone in this courtroom, including you, who doesn’t want you to be different than you are,” Gamble said. “But looking around this story and looking for bad guys, you are on that list.”

In addition to sentencing Hiltz to prison, Gamble ordered him to pay $1,294 in restitution. Hiltz was given credit for time served.

Turek’s case is still in East Fork Justice Court where he has yet to have a preliminary hearing.

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