Man set to appear in district court today on stalking, assault charges |

Man set to appear in district court today on stalking, assault charges

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Douglas County Sheriff's Office

A Gardnerville man is scheduled to be arraigned today on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, resisting a public officer, aggravated stalking, intimidating or dissuading a witness and domestic battery committed by strangulation.

David C. Springer, 30, was bound over in August. He has been in jail since his arrest on April 7.

The 47-year-old victim testified at a preliminary in August that she began dating Springer about a year ago, and he moved in with her in September 2011.

She said the relationship turned violent after he moved in and she suffered frequent beatings at his hands which left her bruised all over her body. She said he also pulled out her hair.

The woman said she endured the abuse because Springer threatened to kill her and her family if she told.

She said one time Springer put a pillow over her face as she lay on the kitchen floor and stomped on it, breaking her nose. She claimed he pushed it back into place so no one would know it had been broken.

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Springer was arrested after the woman’s family members became suspicious and managed to get her out of the house on a ruse that she was having coffee with her sister who was visiting from out of town.

Her sister picked her up and took the woman to her parents house where Deputy Joel Kruger was waiting to speak with her.

At first, the woman said she lied to Kruger because she was afraid. Eventually, she told the deputy what was happening. She gave him a key to her apartment and asked him to pick up her dog.

Kruger testified he entered the apartment with the key after knocking and identifying himself without a response.

He said he could hear someone inside the residence. A deputy who was outside the unit said he could see the suspect in bedroom with knives.

“I talked to him (Springer) through the door and told him to give himself up,” Kruger said.

Kruger said Springer unlocked the bedroom door but refused to open it. The deputy said he opened the door, and Springer was 10-to-15-feet away holding a knife.

“He raised it up toward me in an aggressive manner,” Kruger said. “I was concerned about getting knifed or cut. I drew my weapon and told him several times to drop the knife.”

Kruger said he would have used deadly force.

“I said, ‘put the knife down, or I’ll blow your … head off, and he dropped the knife,” Kruger said.

“He obeyed your commands?” asked Springer’s attorney, Matt Ence.

“Yes, after I threatened to kill him,” Kruger said.

In December, 2008, Springer was sentenced to six years in Nevada State Prison for child abuse.

The victim, who was 11, testified at Springer’s sentencing before District Judge Michael Gibbons in 2009 that he hit her in the stomach, kicked her in the back and threw her to the floor. She said he dragged her to the bathroom, and hit her head on the sink three or four times, causing bleeding.

She told the judge when the bleeding wouldn’t stop he tried to cauterize the burn with a penny he heated over a cigarette lighter and made an attempt to stitch up the wound so her mother wouldn’t find out. He was also accused of pulling out her hair.

Springer had to serve 16 months before he was eligible for parole. He was given credit for 268 days in custody in the 2008 offense.

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