Man sentenced to weekends in jail for jewelry theft |

Man sentenced to weekends in jail for jewelry theft

by Sheila Gardner

A 23-year-old Carson City man must serve 20 weekends in Douglas County Jail for stealing thousands of dollars in jewelry from a Bridle Way residence where he was working on a landscaping crews.

Cesar Dominic Hartman pleaded guilty to grand larceny, and was ordered to pay $9,427 restitution to the victim and two pawn shops.

Prosecutor Maria Pence said Tuesday the victim claimed the loss was closer to $19,000, but was only able to provide itemization for $8,380 in missing property.

“She is still finding things lost or stolen,” Pence said.

Pence agreed to probation for Hartman, but asked for a 90-day jail sentence, alleging Hartman had violated the trust of the homeowner who left the residence open so the workers could use the bathroom.

“I am sorry for what I did,” Hartman said. “It was stupid.”

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He said as a result he and his wife were in the process of a divorce, and the reputation of his brother’s landscaping company had suffered.

Hartman said he had hoped to join the military, but had been disqualified because of the felony conviction.

“Why would we want a thief in the military?” asked District Judge Dave Gamble. “You had a good job, you were making good money, and you decided to steal from people who left their home open to you. Isn’t that dramatically more than a ‘stupid choice?’ Not only can I not have an impact on what the military does, I wouldn’t if I could.”

He sentenced Hartman to six years in prison, suspended, and placed him on probation for five years. Gamble ordered Hartman to report Friday for his first weekend in jail.

Gamble gave Hartman weekends in jail so he wouldn’t lose his maintenance job at a Carson City casino.

“I intend to have this restitution paid back,” Gamble said. “If it’s not paid back, I will send you to prison. If you don’t show up for jail, you are going to prison.”

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