Man sentenced to jail for second domestic battery |

Man sentenced to jail for second domestic battery

by Sheila Gardner

Douglas County Sheriff's OfficeRobert Schwoerer

A 21-year-old Gardnerville man was sentenced Wednesday to six months in Douglas County Jail and 100 hours of community service for the second battery of a teenage girl.

Robert Schwoerer faced sentencing on several offenses and is awaiting adjudication on a burglary charge.

East Fork Judge Tom Perkins revoked Schwoerer’s probation on a previous domestic battery conviction, and sentenced him to a total of 180 days for the two offenses.

Sentences for a traffic violation and disorderly conduct were to be served concurrent to the battery convictions as was a $637 fine.

Perkins ordered Schwoerer to stay away from the 17-year-old victim and her mother, to perform 100 hours of community service after his release, and attend 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling.

The batteries occurred in March and July.

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The victim testified in September she didn’t know why she stayed with him despite the abuse.

“I’m doing this (victim impact statement) because I fear for the next girl,” she said. “This attack against me was not the first act of violence, nor was it the most severe.”

She said that when she tried to call for help in the July 14 incident, Schwoerer took away her cell phone, and when she tried to yell for help, he shoved a T-shirt into her mouth. She said he made her wash her face so no one could see her makeup had run.

She managed to escape on her bicycle and said Schwoerer chased her down in a green pickup truck to Heritage Park. A witness said she heard the girl screaming as she tried to outrun him. He eventually left the area in his truck.

In March, Schwoerer was accused of a similar offense against the teenager. The victim said they broke up, but he was waiting for her in the parking lot where she worked.

She said he grabbed her with both hands and shoved her inside his vehicle and sat on her so she couldn’t get out.

He tried to start the vehicle while sitting on her, but had to move to the driver’s side. He bit her as she escaped, according to reports. She ran back inside the restaurant where she worked.

He fled the scene. Officials found his vehicle in front of his residence, but did not locate Schwoerer.

Perkins suspended 120 days of additional Douglas County Jail time for two years.

“I’d like to apologize to the family for putting them through this, and apologize to the victim for bad decisions making me into someone I’m not. I should have learned from the first time. Now I am learning the hard way,” Schwoerer said.

Schwoerer’s attorney, Kris Brown, asked if he could serve part of the sentence at a substance abuse treatment facility.

Perkins told him to submit a proposal.

Two felony burglary charges are pending against Schwoerer stemming from an Aug. 9 incident. The victim said Schwoerer reportedly snatched $50 cash she was holding in her hand.

Brown requested a continuance because she said the state was planning to amend the charges to offer to sell a controlled substance as opposed to robbery/burglary charges.

Prosecutor Laurie Trotter said the state was evaluating the results of a new investigation.

Perkins set a hearing on the felony charges in November.

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