Man pleads in great-grandfather stabbing |

Man pleads in great-grandfather stabbing

by Sheila Gardner

A 21-year-old Las Vegas man faces up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine after he pleaded no contest Dec. 16, 2013, to stabbing his 82-year-old great-grandfather in the neck with a knife.

Bradley Endsley Jr. entered the plea — which carries the same impact as a guilty plea —stemming from an April incident at the victim's Topaz Ranch Estates home.

Endsley pleaded no contest to battery with a deadly weapon, causing substantial bodily harm. In exchange for his plea, no other charges will be filed, and he won't face an additional penalty of up to 20 years because of the age of the victim.

The knife nearly severed the victim's trachea and cut his thyroid. He is recovering, and offered to allow Endsley to return to his home while he awaits sentencing set for March 10.

Despite attorney Charles Diaz's assurance that Endsley's behavior was under control because of proper medication, District Judge Michael Gibbons refused to reduce the suspect's $100,000 bail.

Endsley has been in jail for nine months.

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Gibbons acknowledged Endsley's improved behavior, but said he wanted to hear more from the victim before considering any change in bail, in addition to the fact that Endsley pleaded no contest to a serious offense.

Originally, Endsley pleaded not guilty to battery with a deadly weapon causing substantial bodily harm to a person 60 years or older, and use or being in possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine. He was set for trial Feb. 4.

The alleged incident took place early April 15 at the victim's Topaz Ranch Estates home on Slate Road.

Deputies arrived at 12:30 a.m. after a report of a gunshot. They reportedly found Endsley inside the home holding a knife.

As deputies issued orders to Endsley, the victim pulled into the driveway bleeding from a stab wound. The man told deputies that he was attacked by Endsley, and managed to escape before deputies arrived.

Deputies forced their way into the home, and placed Endsley into custody for attempted murder.

Endsley asked Gibbons on Monday if he would get 15 years.

The judge said he wouldn't make that decision until sentencing, after he's heard from both sides, the victim and the defendant.

Gibbons told Endsley he also was eligible for probation.

"You need to know if you plead guilty, you could receive 15 years. Pleading guilty thinking there would be leniency is the worst thing you could do," Gibbons said.

The defendant said he couldn't remember everything that happened that day.

"I remember getting in a confrontation that turned physical. He was trying to help me. He hit me in the head with a frying pan. That's what led me to get violent. I went to swing at him with a knife in my hand. It was never intentional. It was never anything I wanted to do," Endsley said.

Endsley said he remembered being arrested, and the knife in his hand. He didn't remember seeing blood on the knife.

Endsley has no prior criminal record.

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