Man arrested in standup mixer shoplifting case |

Man arrested in standup mixer shoplifting case

A man who allegedly tried to smuggle a $249 countertop mixer out of the Walmart in a box for a $40 mop bucket was arrested Thursday night for burglary and destruction of property.

Security for the Topsy Walmart contacted deputies after Frederick Cruz Montejo, 34, had allegedly tried to roll two mixers in other boxes earlier in the day, security personnel told deputies.

According to the sheriff's report, Montejo was pointed out to deputies as he was pushing a cart through the store containing the mop bucket box and an aquarium box.

When he was stopped, deputies found that the seal was broken on the mop bucket box. Montejo reportedly told deputies he thought someone else had put the mixer in the box, and that he was just the beneficiary. Then he claimed he was going to pay for all the items. According to the store, he had $440.71 in items inside the two boxes, including $81 in perfume.

Store security showed deputies video of a man who appeared to be Montejo filling a cart with merchandise from the electronics department and then, despite employees attempts to stop him, leaving the store and loading the items into a black Mercedes.

â–  A South Lake Tahoe woman is in Douglas County jail on a felony warrant after she was spotted early Thursday in the Mont Bleu Casino in Stateline.

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Deputies received a tip that Holly Lynne Picinich, 21, was at the casino. They contacted security at 3:12 a.m. and located Picinich on the casino floor. She denied who she was and tried to walk away, but deputies detained her and brought her back to the bar where she said her purse was. Deputies asked for her identification but she said she couldn't find it. When they attempted to handcuff her, she struggled with them and tried to run back behind the bar. The struggle was recorded on the casino video.

Picinich was supposed to appear in court last week for a bail hearing on two positive drug tests. She was supposed to report for inpatient drug treatment if she made bail.

She is scheduled to appear in East Fork Justice Court on Tuesday.

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