Man admits violation of stalking order |

Man admits violation of stalking order

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A 27-year-old former Gardnerville Ranchos man pleaded guilty Tuesday to violating an extended court order regarding stalking.

In exchange for Ryan Gene Huddin's guilty plea, the state agreed to dismiss other charges in East Fork Justice Court including making obscene or threatening telephone calls.

He will not face charges for incidents which occurred before Nov. 25, 2012.

According to the criminal complaint, Huddin is accused of parking his vehicle in front of the victim's home in violation of an extended court order forbidding him to have contact.

He is also accused of making numerous telephone calls.

He faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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The state also agreed to request sentencing be continued for three years. If he successfully completes all conditions of his release, Huddin would be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea and enter a plea to a gross misdemeanor.

He must abstain from alcohol, controlled substances and weapons, and violate no laws.

Huddin's lawyer, William Cole, said his client had obtained a medical marijuana card because he was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, and uses the seeds for pain relief rather than a stronger prescription medicine.

He is subject to random search, seizure and testing for alcohol, drugs and weapons. He is forbidden to contact any of the victims or their family members and must remain a minimum of 100 yards from their residences.

District Judge Tod Young, saying he had "some serious concerns" about the plea agreement, ordered a pre-sentence investigation, and set sentencing for July 9.

Prosecutor Laurie Trotter said the victims asked to be heard at sentencing and had photos they wished the judge to see.

"In a case of this nature, it's prudent to have as much information as possible. I would like to know more about your client," Young said to Cole.

Young advised Huddin that it was up to him whether he goes along with the plea agreement,

He told Huddin, who said he lives in Santa Cruz, Calif., that he must advise the Department of Alternative Sentencing any time he is in Nevada. Huddin said he already was doing that.

■ A former north Valley resident pleaded guilty Monday to carrying a concealed weapon, but denied allegations that he threatened his wife.

District Judge Michael Gibbons set sentencing June 24 for Scott Alan Simpson, 43, who now lives in Reno.

In exchange for Simpson's plea, the state agreed to dismiss several charges including assault with a deadly weapon, domestic battery committed by strangulation and possession of a firearm by a person with a blood-alcohol content of .10 or greater. He is pleading guilty in justice court to domestic battery and driving under the influence.

Simpson is eligible for probation for the gross misdemeanor which carries a sentence of up to one year in Douglas County jail and a $2,000 fine.

According to court documents, Simpson was accused of pointing a gun at his wife's head and pulling the trigger three times. When it didn't fire, he allegedly got into his vehicle drunk and drove away before being stopped by deputies.

According to reports, Simpson arrived home from work early that morning, grabbed his wife by the throat, and punched her in the head. The victim said she got away, and called 911. By this time, the suspect had pointed a gun at her head, pulled the trigger, and yelled "bam!" and, "the gun jammed."

The victim's sister and brother-in-law, also at the residence, claimed Simpson pointed the weapon at the victim three more times. He left the residence, and was stopped by deputies who saw him in his truck in the driveway of his home.

Prosecutor Erik Levin said there was a dispute about how the weapon was used and conflict in the evidence.

Simpson's lawyer, Derrick Lopez, said his client took the gun as he was leaving the residence to cool off.

Simpson said he had the gun tucked in his belt under his shirt. He admitted he did not have a license to carry a concealed weapon,

Levin said the victim was satisfied with the resolution of the case and did not intend to appear in court to make a statement.

Simpson said he had moved to Reno.

The incident reportedly took place in February at the couple's Johnson Lane home.

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