Lynn, Johnson named to commission leadership |

Lynn, Johnson named to commission leadership

by Sheila Gardner

Jim Grant photoGreg Lynn was elected Monday as chairman of the Douglas County commission for 2013. Commissioner Nancy McDermid is to his right.

County commissioners elected Greg Lynn chairman and Doug Johnson vice chairman on Monday, but not without a tussle over the vice chairmanship.

Johnson, who has the longest tenure on the board, nominated Lynn for the chairmanship, a position Lynn turned down last year because he was running for re-election to the board, which he won without opposition.

New Commissioner Barry Penzel nominated Johnson for the top spot, citing his experience on the board and with the Nevada Association of Counties as tools for the upcoming legislative session.

The voted ended up 4-1 for Lynn with Penzel voting against the nomination.

“Thank you for the confidence,” said Lynn, beginning his second four-year term on the board.

“It could be a little rocky at first, but I will learn soon enough,” he said. “This needs to be stressed: The chair has definite duties, to preside over meetings and do whatever can be done to get this board to function as a team. That is going to be my first priority.

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“The chair is not the king, the chair is not the boss, the chair does not tell people what to do. With the good will of all, we will get through it.”

Lynn nominated Johnson for vice chair which drew a question from Commissioner Lee Bonner why Johnson resigned in 2008 after serving as chair for one month.

Johnson said that board nominated the top two positions as a package which he said violated the board’s policy, so he gave up the chairmanship.

The board voted 3-2 Monday for Johnson with Bonner and Commissioner Nancy McDermid voting against.

“You never once supported me in anything in my six years on this board,” McDermid said.

Following a brief recess, while board members shuffled their seats to accommodate the changes, Bonner and McDermid said they would switch their votes to show unanimous support.

At the end of the meeting, the item was reopened so the pair could vote for Johnson.

County Clerk-Treasurer Ted Thran presented Bonner with a ceremonial gavel for his service as board chairman last year.

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