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Learning to float those boats

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Gardnerville Elementary students sailed what passes for the ocean blue in Carson Valley, Willow Creek in Lampe Park.

Part of a science kit called "Voyage of the Mimi" where students in Meredith Swanson-Jessup's sixth-grade class learn about the ocean, humpback whales, buoyancy and water displacement.

Swanson-Jessup said the water was low and it was a bit windy, but Wednesday's sailboat race came off without a hitch.

This was the 18th year Swanson-Jessup's class did this project. Requirements were that the sailboats must float, be named and have at least one sail, but they could be made from any materials.

Students float their boats in the creek to get a real-life lesson in how things work.

Kyleigh Trahan's boat came in first, followed by Fernando Lobatos and Gavin Casper.

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