Large majority of Douglas alcohol purveyors refused to sell to minors |

Large majority of Douglas alcohol purveyors refused to sell to minors

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Only three of 28 Douglas County businesses checked in an alcohol sting conducted 5-9 p.m. Thursday were cited for selling alcohol to minors.Douglas County Sgt. Pat Brooks said 25 businesses refused to sell alcohol to one of three 14-year-olds packing a fake identification.“The juveniles, each of whom were 14 years of age, would enter a business establishment and attempt to purchase alcohol, with money provided to them by a deputy,” Brooks said. “If the clerk verbally asked the juvenile their age, the juvenile was directed to answer 21.”If asked for identification, the teenager would show the fake ID and say it belonged to them. But if the clerk asked any additional questions, the teen was instructed to answer truthfully.“If the clerk refused the sale, the juvenile was directed to immediately exit the store,” Brooks said. “If the clerk approved the sale of alcohol to the minor, the juvenile was directed to, after the exchange of money, exit the store with the alcohol and immediately turn the alcohol over to myself or another officer working this detail.”Brooks said the teenagers followed the rules, and were not allowed to drink the alcohol, or to distract the clerk during the purchase.Anyone caught selling alcohol to the teens was cited for sale of alcohol to a minor.Businesses that had been checked and refused to sell to minors are: Rite-Aid, Minden Meat and Deli, Lucky Liquor, J&M Liquor/Minden, PJ’s Liquor, J&M Liquor/Gardnerville, Ranchos Liquor, Scolari’s Food and Drug, Raley’s, WalMart, Trader Joe’s, Dollar General, Carson Country Market, Tillman 7-11, Riverview 7-11, AM/PM South, Carson Valley Market, Silver City RV Park, Lampe Chevron, Johnson Lane Store, AM/PM North, Sierra Market, Topaz Chevron, and Nevada Trading Co. The businesses that failed the compliance check, sold to the minors, and received a citation were Walgreens, Smith’s Food and Drug, and Holbrook Junction Mini Mart. Brooks said the sheriff’s office conducts periodic alcohol compliance checks in order to reduce alcohol use by teenagers.

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