Lambs disappearing from Gville field |

Lambs disappearing from Gville field

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Lamb thieves have arrived with the spring in Chambers Field.

A woman reported that someone or something has taken three lambs from her home along Marianne Way.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff's Report, the woman said two of the lambs were taken on March 2.

On Friday morning she said the remaining 10 sheep were present, but when she checked again in the afternoon, there was one missing.

She told the deputy she checked the pen for somewhere the lambs could escape, but didn't find anything.

The deputy reported no sign of a struggle that might have indicated a predator got the livestock, but the owner did locate a small stomach containing grass feed. There was no blood or other organs around it.

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The owner said she would set up some sort of surveillance to catch the culprit.

■ Vandals hit Indian Hills on Thursday night, painting slogans on walls and fences in black and blue spray paint. Deputies documented more than a half dozen instances where words or letters had been painted on the walls.

Most were initials of some sort.

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