Kidnapping call could have been a scam |

Kidnapping call could have been a scam

Lahontan Valley News

The Churchill County Sheriff’s Office investigated an alleged kidnapping of a Fallon woman that may have occurred a week ago, said Sheriff Ben Trotter.

According to Trotter, a 20-year-old man notified law enforcement agencies at about 2:30 p.m. of an alleged kidnapping of a woman with whom he had texted and talked but never met in person.

“Supposedly, she lived in a house behind the hospital,” Trotter said.

The man said he had received a call at about 1 p.m. from the female, age unknown, saying she was with six other women in a van heading toward Las Vegas. The man said the woman did not know the make or color of the van.

Trotter said he was told the woman is “supposedly a flunked-out porn star who moved to Fallon.”

Trotter said Monday CCSO investigators said the reporting male “negotiated her release.”

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“We still have no proof the female even exists and FBI indicated we covered all the bases on this case.” Trotter said. ” We think the male was being scammed and then the scammers gave up. Weird case.”

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