Intoxicated man faces charge in knife threat |

Intoxicated man faces charge in knife threat

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An 18-year-old burglar, who successfully completed a regimental discipline program, was praised Tuesday for finishing the "boot camp" run by Nevada Department of Corrections.

"I am really happy for you," District Judge Tod Young told Brian Ray Hearold. "You wrote to me that you had to learn to make mature decisions. I have a lot of faith in you right now.

Hearold and codefendant Taylor Monge admitted stealing two dirt bikes from a Gardnerville Ranchos garage in February.

Hearold was offered the opportunity at boot camp to keep him out of prison.

Young sentenced him to 12-30 months suspended, and ordered him to get into substance abuse counseling. He must abstain from drugs and alcohol and is subject to random search and seizure for controlled substances and stolen property.

Young also ordered him to speak with Monge who was ordered last week — over the defendant's strenuous objection — to go to boot camp because he was failing probation.

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"I want you to let him (Monge) know that it was hard, but a better decision for you," Young told Hearold.

Hearold said boot camp was difficult, and he struggled but persevered "because I don't want felonies. I don't want to be with my dad."

Hearold's father, Brian L. Hearold, is serving a life sentence for a 1995 murder in Carson City.

■ A preliminary hearing for an 81-year-old man accused of murder has been delayed until Feb. 7.

East Fork Justice Tom Perkins agreed to the delay requested by both sides to obtain DNA results prior to the hearing.

Originally, Melvin Oneal Norlund was set for preliminary hearing Friday.

The purpose of the hearing is to determine if the crime occurred and Norlund most likely committed it. It does not determine guilt or innocence.

Norlund is in Douglas County Jail on $1 million bail, charged with open murder with use of a deadly weapon.

He is accused of shooting 51-year-old Catherine Mary Costanza with a shotgun on Nov. 21 at his Fish Springs residence.

Costanza, of Concord, Calif., was the suspect's caregiver, according to reports.

Norlund said the shooting was accidental, that it occurred when they struggled with the shotgun.

He reportedly told investigators he "grew tired of arguing" with Costanza and threatened to shoot her dog.

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