Immigration agent in hit and run accident of flagger |

Immigration agent in hit and run accident of flagger

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An Immigration Custom Enforcement agent was booked Friday after he allegedly struck a flagger on Highway 341.

Reno resident Marc Aaron Walker was riding a Suzuki motorcycle west toward Highway 395 when he was stopped for construction, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol.

Walker got into an argument with the flagger and then rode past the stop sign. He was then stopped by another flagger in the construction zone, where he got into another argument. As he tried to drive around the flagger, he struck the person’s left arm at about 6:43 a.m. He was stopped by a third flagger, getting into another argument, before he pulled his badge and drove past, according to NHP spokesman Dan Lopez.

Troopers traced Walker through his vehicle registration. After he was contacted, he drove himself to the NHP office where he was taken into custody on charges of felony hit and run causing injury, and three misdemeanors, including failure to render aid, failure to report an accident and failure to obey a flagger in a construction zone.

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