Holidays bring DUI checkpoints |

Holidays bring DUI checkpoints

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Douglas County is one of the jurisdictions participating in a multi-agency DUI checkpoint in the weekends before Christmas.

Trooper Chuck Allen said the enforcement is in response to the holiday season and New Year.

“With numerous holiday parties and other work and family-related get-togethers will be celebrated and they often involve the consumption of alcohol,” Allen said. “In an effort to identify those impaired drivers who may get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol, additional NHP Troopers, as well as a multi-agency DUI checkpoint, are being scheduled this month.”

The DUI checkpoint will allow deputies from the Carson, Douglas and Washoe County sheriff’s offices, officers from the Reno, Sparks and Washoe County School District police departments, and Nevada State Troopers to work together as they “join forces” screening vehicles for impaired drivers, Allen said.

A federal grant secured by the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, will allow the NHP to schedule and staff additional troopers to patrol Northern Nevada highways this weekend and next.

In addition to the extra shifts of troopers being visible on area highways, the grant will pay to facilitate a multi-agency DUI checkpoint scheduled in the Reno area later this month.

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“Driving under the influence of alcohol and-or drugs/prescription medication is a preventable crime,” Allen said. “Whenever anyone plans on consuming any amount of alcohol, but especially during the holiday season when families, friends and co-workers are celebrating, please plan ahead and designate a safe and sober driver or utilize public transportation. If you are celebrating at a hotel property, plan on spending the night. It is not worth getting arrested for DUI or injuring yourself or an innocent motorist or pedestrian because of a bad choice to get behind the wheel and drive.”

More importantly, Allen said, is that having a designated driver or other plan saves lives.

“One of the most difficult tasks a law enforcement officer can perform is in the course of his or her duties are briefing family members about the loss of someone they know and love involved in a fatal car crash,” he said. “Vehicle collisions are so unexpected and the emotional pain and suffering caused to those not involved is regularly seen by us. Please plan on celebrating the holiday season safely and responsibly and designate a safe and sober driver-not someone who has consumed the least amount of alcohol – to get you home without harm.”

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