Health inspections for July 23 |

Health inspections for July 23

Floral Vineyard & Khristopher's Café

Score: 98.

Inside ice contact surfaces of ice machine observed to have buildup of biofilm and food contact blade on large can opener was observed to have a buildup of old food materials from previous use.

July 14

Minden Meat & Deli: Meat market

Score: 100

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Minden Meat & Deli: Restaurant

Score: 97

Leak observed from upper cooling unit drain inside reach-in refrigerator. Container placed below leak was next to perishable foods.

Underside plate of large mixer observed with buildup of old oil and flour (not in use)

Vent filters over grill observed to have build-up of grease, food waste

Outside grease bin had lid open with pan draining into it was attracting yellowjackets.

July 8

Sierra Gourmet Grill & Wine: Bar

Score: 99

Drain at the floor of bar area was observed to be very soiled with old napkins, liquids and other trash.

Sierra Gourmet Grill & Wine: Restaurant

Score 99

Three-compartment sink plumbing was observed to have a leak under sanitizer compartment from drain pipe. Two large tubs used to collect leak.

Lentine's Italian Restaurant: Caterer

Score: 100

Lentine's Italian Restaurant: Bar

Score: 100

Lentine's Italian Restaurant: Restaurant

Score: 97

No chemical test kits to monitor sanitizer strength in three-compartment sink.

Build-up of calcium and biofilm on inside of ice machine.

Woodett's Diner Restaurant

Score: 83

Grade: B

Dishwasher did not have measurable amount of sanitizer in it when operated.

Spray bottles of Windex, degreaser and grill oil were in use with no labels.

Kitchen prep table food and front table prep food held at 41-46 degrees.

No sanitizer test strips near mechanical dishwasher and wiping cloth. Buckets were in compliance.

Biofilm growing on inside of ice machine. Ice scoop stored on a soiled cloth, ice buckets stored upside down on surface of soiled ice machine

Dirty dishes stored in back of house with clean dishes and utensils.

Potato cutter, slicer blade, can opener blade and attached equipment extremely soiled with old food product.

The large box soda pop containers were observed stored on a shelf with a large buildup of syrup spillage.

Open bag of retail service napkins and bag of single use to go trains were stored on very soiled dishwasher cup tray in back of house.

Much clutter under ice machine.

Vent hole in ceiling in back of house does not have a cover.

End cap missing on one overhead fluorescent light tube.

Packaged food items stored with soiled equipment, utensils, dishware in back storage area.

Dish soap stored over bread items.

Pliers and lubricating grease tube stored next to containers of food on shelf above kitchen prep area.

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