Genoa family describes home under siege |

Genoa family describes home under siege


A former resident who frightened a family living next to a Genoa Lakes home owned by his mother was ordered to spend a year in jail on Wednesday.

Wesley Daniel Weigand, 27, was sentenced to two consecutive six-month jail terms in connection with the May 29 incident.

Both the mother and father of two young children, aged 4 and 6, testified that Weigand was out of control when he started kicking on the side of their home.

The father pointed out that Weigand hasn't lived in the home next door for years, and that the two houses look completely different.

"My 4-year-old son hasn't slept alone since it happened," the man said. "One year in jail is not enough. My children lost their innocence that morning."

The mother said she felt it was important that East Fork Justice of the Peace Tom Perkins realized how aggressive Weigand was when he tried to get into their home.

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"I had to hide with my children while he was mule-kicking our door," she said. "He was shaking the whole house. If we'd had a firearm that day, my husband might have had to use it. He's extremely lucky to be alive. That was the scariest day of my life."

The woman said the couple never expected something like that to happen in a gated community like Genoa Lakes.

While Weigand has a history of drug and alcohol abuse, he and his attorney blamed the May 29 incident on his lack of medication.

Attorney Derrick Lopez said that Weigand's medication was lost in the washer and he couldn't get his prescription filled.

Weigand said that he thought he could make it until he would get a new prescription, but it didn't last.

Prosecutor Rick Casper said the incident required the maximum sentence.

"The facts are that Weigand went past a locked gate, he had to undo a bungee cord to get in," Casper said. "It was early in the morning and the residents were sleeping when a loud banging sound woke them all up. They saw Weigand kicking what turned out to be a false door, that now hangs loose."

Weigand must also pay to repair the door, which was next to a real one.

Casper said that luckily Weigand didn't get into the home.

He pointed out that Weigand had a long criminal history going back to 2006 with 13 separate arrests and 11 convictions.

When he left Douglas County for Florida he was convicted there of theft and drug charges.

Lopez said there was no question that Weigand was delusional when he was arrested.

"The deputies took him to the hospital to find out what he was on," Lopez said. "He wasn't on anything. His meds were destroyed in the washing machine. Once in jail and on his meds again, he was coherent."

Lopez said that Weigand was an excellent candidate for probation. He has been in jail since his arrest.

Perkins said he believed that Weigand was delusional, but that he was also responsible for his actions.

"I had a client who spent 30 years on death row for something like this," Perkins said. "You're fortunate you're not dead or going to prison. You're responsible for what you do, especially when you let yourself go to hell."

Lopez said the Genoa Lakes home would be rented out.

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