Gas prices remain high |

Gas prices remain high

Staff Reports

Kurt HildebrandGas prices in the towns of Minden and Gardnerville this morning.

Gas prices in Minden and Gardnerville remained steady at higher levels this morning.

Only the Gardnerville Chevron showed a substantial decrease of 7 cents to $4.429 on Thursday morning. Both Minden and Gardnerville AM/PMs were a cent higher than they were on Monday.

The lowest advertised gas price in the two towns for a gallon of unleaded regular was at Pacific Gas in Gardnerville at $4.059.

Gas prices jumped 18 cents at discount statins for a gallon of unleaded regular in the past week.

At one station, gas prices went up 38 cents during the week.

Fuel price experts expect prices to start to go down once three refineries and an oil pipeline are back in action.

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